Digital International Bank Review

Can you trust Digital International Bank?

Find out if this bank is right for you by reading this review.

About DIB

Digital International Bank (DIB) was founded in 2017 and its headquarters is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As an international financial entity that is licensed in Puerto Rico, it is considered as among the most powerful international banking structures as it follows a high level of compliance and expertise.

Digital International Bank logo
Digital International Bank logo

DIB Features and Services

There are plenty of features that users will get to enjoy from this dynamic bank. One of which is their multi-currency account that accepts funds in US dollars and euros.

In addition, they also support cross-border transactions or transfers from users who are based in other countries. This is a great advantage for those who have businesses and relations overseas so they will be able to send and receive funds conveniently.


In order to open an account, interested users are on-boarded via an account executive. Their authorized and well-trained representatives will guide them throughout the entire registration process.

Digital International Bank registration
Digital International Bank registration

This is what private banking is all about, wherein there is a personal touch so clients are properly guided on how to sign-up and complete the registration requirements.
It’s also worth mentioning that they are also going to introduce an online self-onboarding service which is currently in development and would be available in the coming months.

How Credible is DIB?

Digital International Bank has noted in their website that is regulated by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico or OCIF with a license # of IFE-40.

Here’s what you need to know:

Puerto Rico’s OCIF happens to be a member of the Association of Banking Supervision of the United States of America.

In addition…

As per our extensive background check, they are also regulated by the US Security and Exchange Commission.

Knowing that they operate with licenses from trusted financial regulators means that they abide by the guidelines that were set by these supervisory organizations.

Customer Service

We can’t emphasize enough:
The quality customer service is an essential factor in choosing the right online banking service for you. They should be able to provide you with information and help at any time that you needed assistance.

Dealing with issues and complaints are best resolved with the help of those who knew the ins and outs of banking. The availability of well-trained agents to take on inquiries is one proof that DIB go out of their way to take care of customer needs.

Client support is available via phone and email as of this writing and there is no live chat support. For phone support, they can be reached at 1 (787) 945-7875 while questions via email can be sent to [email protected] or via the Contact Us page on their website.

The good news is that most customer queries are handled within 24 hours.

So how is the quality of their customer service?

Our email conversations with their support agent has put our doubts to rest.  They adequately answered all of our questions and were able to deliver them faster than we expected. Overall, their customer service is highly satisfactory.

Final Thoughts About DIB

Our experience with Digital International Bank has been very favorable. Their platform ranks highly when it comes to website navigation and online banking. When it comes to credibility, they are licensed by financial regulators that are well-known to be very stringent on their licensees so we have no security concerns there. There is also a huge list of financial services that they offer and best of all, a responsive customer service to boot so if you need help, they have a reliable support team that can be contacted using the most common methods of communication. 

Much like what Digital International Bank stands for, this dynamic bank is driven to deliver what they are asked of to do: fast and efficient banking services.

Digital International Bank customer support
Digital International Bank contact page



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