Digital International Bank Review

Can you trust Digital International Bank?

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Digital International Bank Reputation

Digital International Bank has been providing its clients with a dependable personal and commercial banking solutions. Up to now, it continues to be one of the most popular brands in the industry that is able to meet the demands of their customers across the globe.

There’s a lot of perks of banking with a financial institution that is licensed in Puerto Rico. In fact, it is one of the most powerful international banking
and financial services structures in the industry today when it comes to taxes, regulation and operations.

With DIB having a PR IFE license, it enjoys tax benefits for a minimum of 15 years and a 4% tax incentive for corporate net profits. In addition, Puerto Rico clients, non-US residents and foreign companies get to enjoy tax-free dividends due to the bank’s license and jurisdiction.

But aside from these licenses, DIB has been known for providing top-class support for their clients. The convenience of being able to get in touch with a bank representative that is well-trained, experienced and eager to help is what makes this bank different than the rest.