Digital International Bank Review

Can you trust Digital International Bank?

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Digital International Bank Services

Digital International Bank lives up to its name by providing mobile and online banking services where users can do them wherever and whenever they want to. Since it is a digital service, opening an account and accessing all of their services can be done without the need to even physically going to their office.

In addition, they developed a digital banking platform which comes with a lot of features that are flexible to technological changes and adapts to the needs of their clients. They made the perfect balance between the digital automation, which brings a lot of convenience, and the human element, which remains to be a necessity as clients would still want real people to provide them with support and assistance when needed.

But aside from these, they also are capable of providing various financial services including the following:

  • Accept deposits
  • Receive loans
  • Issue letters of credit
  • Discount bills of exchange
  • Gold, silver and foreign currency
  • Underwriting
  • Trade finance
  • Fiduciary (custodian)
  • Acquire or lease property
  • Clearinghouse
  • Establish branches and service units
  • Management services
  • Financial services
  • Hedge fund